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Good news travels fast! Especially when it's profitable for the masses!

When you deposit your Bitcoins into a coinearner account and start earning a daily return of 1%, you can be certain that friends, relatives and colleagues will surely want to know what it is that has you smiling!

So why not be rewarded for telling them?

Whether you have an active deposit with coinearner or not, our referral program is open to everyone, and is the perfect way to be rewarded for sharing the coinearner platform with others.

 Here's How It Works!

If you don't already have one, simply create an account with us, after-which you can log in and obtain a copy of your unique referral link. By simply sharing your link with friends, family, and colleague's, you'll earn a generous over-ride commission of 10% in Bitcoin for everyone you refer to coinearner that successfully makes a deposit.

Example: Let's say you referred your friend Joe to coinearner and he deposits 1 Bitcoin at the fictitious market value of $2500 USD, then you would automatically receive a 10% over-ride commission of $250 in the equivalent of Bitcoin directly from us.

So this means Joe has an active deposit of 1 Bitcoin / $2500 earning him 1% interest on a daily basis and you have a 10% over-ride commission of $250 in the equivalent of Bitcoin which you received directly from us earning you 1% interest on a daily basis.

All referral commissions earned are automatically deposited as an active deposit on your behalf which means you automatically earn our guaranteed interest rate of 1% daily on all of your referral commissions.

When you are earning a 10% commission on every new person you refer, it doesn't take long to add up.

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