Who Are We?

What originated as a two person programming business in a small home office has now incorporated as “Data Computing and Technology Ltd” and expanded into a dynamic team of eight very talented, and might I add quirky individuals. All of whom play very specific key roles here at DC&T.

Our BTC platform which we’ve now affectionally named coinearner, is based on a reasonably complex parameter-based algorithm that was specifically engineered after an interesting discovery by our founding partners Scott (Coops) Cooper and Mark Haddad while doing some contract work for one of the world's most prominent BTC exchanges.

Mark Haddad

Scott Cooper

What initially caught Scott and Mark's attention were the consistent and often vast price discrepancies that would often happen between many of the major Bitcoin exchanges over a 24 hour period.

Here's a simplified explanation without all the technical talk:

The price of BTC constantly fluctuates up and down. When this happens, there is often times when various BTC Exchanges will show moderate to vast differences in the value of Bitcoin.

Example: “Exchange A” will show one BTC as being worth $2500 while “Exchange B” will often be show one BTC as being worth $2550 followed by “Exchange C” showing one BTC as being worth $2590 and other exchanges showing even more or less.

In the simplified and fictitious example above it’s clear to see that the price difference between $2500 and $2590 only offers a profit of $90 on the purchase and sale of one single Bitcoin. Often the price discrepancies will only last a few minutes and can be as little $10 to $30 between exchanges hardly making it worth the trouble of manually buying on one exchange in the hope of the transaction happening fast enough so you can turn around and sell on the other before the price moved against you. Seeing the bigger picture Scott and Mark wondered if a well engineered parameter based algorithm could be developed to take advantage of the price discrepancies between the various exchanges and automatically buy hundreds of Bitcoins on "Exchange A" for $2500 per coin while simultaneously selling the same amount of coins on "Exchange B" for $2590 per coin and repeating the process hundreds even thousands of times a day across the various exchanges that were continually showing price discrepancies.

While there is a lot more to the story, the end result after eight long months, lots of failed attempts and finally adding three more experienced developers to the team, (Alex, Julian, and Mark W) we finally had our much-needed breakthrough.

Our algorithm has been specifically engineered to monitor an undisclosed number of prominent Bitcoin exchanges for price discrepancies, and automatically execute hundreds of daily trades using specific parameter based buy and sell indicators. However we still do manually monitor our system around the clock, and make minor adjustments when required.

Before making this platform available to the open market, we sought sound legal advice, only to be told we couldn't offer a financial service of this type in the "Continental United States" without a series 6 license. As a result a decision was made to incorporate in the Republic of Seychelles, which would allow us to offer our platform to the global market without any restrictions.